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Sports Thread is the leading social media-based network that connects student-athletes with team members, coaches, parents and fans. Tournament and league organizations nationwide have endorsed Sports Thread as their go-to communications platform.

  1. Interact

    Athletes, parents, fans and coaches nationwide can share the action from games, training, and their athletic careers.

  2. Showcase

    Showcase who you are as an athlete and create opportunities by uploading and sharing unlimited highlight videos, stats and academics.

    Communicate with college coaches and fans all within the app.

  3. Stay Connected

    Push notifications and group messaging makes it easy for tournament organizers to communicate directly with everyone involved.

Tournament and league organizations nationwide have endorsed Sports Thread as their go-to communications platform.


Student-athletes who are under the spotlight at every game can create a personal player profile — Athletic Digital Identity — to showcase their performances, be discovered and promote themselves to coaches and colleges nationwide to secure athletic scholarships.

Sports Thread’s "Digital Coaches Book" makes it easy for college coaches and scouts to identify and evaluate student-athletes at tournament events.

Coaches can review in-depth information on an athlete in real time at a tournament or game and contact them through direct messaging on Sports Thread Chat.

College coaches can also identify and recruit nationwide with Sports Thread’s “Coaches View”, complete with filters to hone in on the types of players they are searching for.

Coaches at EVERY level can keep in constant contact with their players using Sports Thread.

High school and club coaches that encourage their athletes to use Sports Thread and its state-of-the-art tools for identifying and securing a college scholarship can focus more on developing winning teams

Parents and fans that manage their athlete’s participation in tournament events depend on Sports Thread to stay up-to-date on news and information.

Parents and fans with athletes in high school can assist their athletes in identifying and securing college scholarships, get detailed information on target colleges, take Virtual Tours of campuses and athletic facilities, tap into college sports programs social media feeds and learn about college recruiting rules and regulations.